Hello Friends,
We would like to announce that the Certified Lay Servant (CLS) School that was originally scheduled for April 2020 as in-person “classroom” instruction at the Sherman Oaks UMC campus, but was postponed due to the corona virus situation, has been rescheduled as an “online” class this May 2020 (see attached Flyer & Registration form). This class is being offered by the North District Lay Servant Ministries through the Leadership Development Academy of Sherman Oaks United Methodist Church (SOUMC).
Classes are open to participants from all districts. Attendance is required at all sessions for credit. All those seeking certification or re-certification as Certified Lay Servants are invited to attend.
Technical requirements: To participate in Zoom meetings, participants must have a reliable Internet connection, and a laptop, tablet, or smartphone device that can download and install the Zoom app. A web or phone camera and a microphone are highly recommended, although some users may call in via phone if a mic is not available.
Registration Note: Besides the option to register for these classes through Sherman Oaks United Methodist Church, there will also be an option to register online through the Cal-Pac Conference Website on the Lay Servant Ministry Page in the next couple of days.
Please see attached flyers for more information.
Thank you.
Pastor Garth Gilliam
North District Lay Servant Ministry Co-Director
Pastor, Sherman Oaks UMC

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